Outstanding Company Achievement award for Hauck Heat Treatment UK

15 Nov, 2016

Hauck Heat Treatment UK emerges on top by beating its competitors to win the SEA/CHTA industry award for “Outstanding Company Achievement”

UK Industry Associations for Surface Engineering (SEA) and Contract Heat Treatment (CHTA) held their biennial Awards event in Manchester at the end of September. The Surface Engineering & Heat Treatment Awards were advertised as “a high profile flagship event, not only for the industry itself, but also for its customers and suppliers. It is a showcase event which is an opportunity to inform the world about the vital role surface finishing plays in UK manufacturing”.

The Outstanding Company Achievement Award was won from our submission of a first-hand summary, including substantive evidence, of what Hauck Heat Treatment describe as “The Challenge”.

The specific example used in our entry was from the most effective of our 6 sites in the UK to demonstrate areas of success, although all our sites have a similarly impressive story to tell.

industry-awardHauck Heat Treatment Letchworth has taken tremendous strides in meeting customer demand and expectation whilst fulfilling internal Business KPI’s. In 2013, we became the very 1st Heat Treatment company in the UK to achieve an SC21 Award from ADS, and have held Silver status for the past 2 years.

Proudly showing their Awards, which included runner up for the Environmental Award are, left to right, Andy Borg (UK Managing Director), Yvette Lawlor (UK Head of Quality) and Tony Alderton (Plant Manager Letchworth).