Opening of a new Production Hall in Eindhoven

29 Oct, 2019

Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven B.V. opened its new production hall in a festive manner during the yearly staff party on October, 4th 2019.

Paying respect to the growth of the last couple of years and the expectation about future growth to come, end of 2018 the decision was made to build a new production hall. The building was completed October, 4th. Its footprint measures around 1.000 m² and has an 250 m² elevated floor for the storage of goods.  This production hall is constructed to be used completely stand-alone. It comes with its own power and gas supply. Having that, we can make sure to have an internal back-up if necessary.

In the new hall, a vacuum furnace with dimensions 1200x1200x2000 was already installed. Beginning of 2020, also a cleanroom for brazing assembly will be commissioned.