New Managing Director Poland

07 Jul, 2016

We are very proud to announce that Bartlomiej Olejnik – who was until recently the Plant Manager of Hauck Heat Treatment Dzierżoniów – is now part of Hauck’s Executive Circle as he was appointed Managing Director for Poland.

During the last almost two years, Bart Olejnik not only had a significant part in building up the plant and designing the initial processes but was also responsible for continuous improvement. Since the beginning, he was never satisfied with the status-quo but always looking for a better way. Six-Sigma and Lean-Management are only two basic principles which Bart Olejnik uses to run the business. Leadership is also an elemental part of his management philosophy. He was able to not only recruit employees that are highly capable of working in a heat treatment shop but also to build a real team of highly motivated individuals which are all together willing to offer best-in-class heat treatment.

For all of that we want say thank you. We are very grateful that Bart Olejnik is now part of the Executive Circle and we are looking forward to his future work.