Madrid’s Induction processing of shafts has been approved by a key customer

04 Mar, 2016

The shaft is from a major company in the agricultural engineering sector. It will be processed using a medium frequency induction process. There has been a big effort in terms of investments and development to meet customer requirements in order to get the final approval.

This induction process has very strict requirements and a 100% quality assessment supported by a start of the art data management system. There is continuous process monitoring of power, frequency, quench temperature and flow – assuring the process to ensure a flawless product without destructive testing. Additionally, non-destructive crack detection is carried out using the magnetic particle inspection method (Magnaflux).

This is just an example of how we try to seamlessly fit into the supply chain of our customers with tailor-made solutions. A zero tolerance level for mistakes in our production process is just one part of our understanding of quality.