Hauck’s Darts Finals in Barcelona

06 Dec, 2017

After a couple months and a lot of thrilling qualifying games at all of the Hauck plants, everyone was ready and set for the finals taking place on the 29th of November. As a special location for this tournament the Flaherty’s Irish Pub in Barcelona was chosen. With a great Irish atmosphere on the inside and Las Ramblas directly outside the door it was a perfect match for this event.

There were 21 players from 7 different countries, with the respective Managing Directors acting as their head coaches. During the group stage of the tournament, all 7 teams competed against each other under the traditional 301 rules. This resulted in a total of 21 games. To bring in some tactics – and because each team had to play exactly six times – the head coaches had to select upfront one player to play a whole 301 on their own while each player could only be sent twice. This resulted in very interesting and exciting pairings and matches. The four teams that won the most games out of the season games would qualify for the termination round.

After two hours and some beer and snacks, the results were in: the Netherlands, France, England and Poland moved on; Sweden, Germany and Spain were eliminated from the tournament. The knockout round showed the Netherlands vs. Poland first and France vs. England second. Whoever won the two games out of three first in these two pairings would move up to the final. The losers would compete in the game for third place. As a twist, the head coaches had to determine the order of their players without knowing what the other team would do. Eventually, Poland were able to beat the Netherlands 2:1, and England defeated France 2:1.

With only two games remaining, we reached the highlight of the night. The system remained as before. In the match for third place we had the Netherlands facing France. After two games it was clear that the Netherlands could get a hold of the third trophy winning 2:0.
Then after two first matches in the final – one won by England and one by Poland – the last one was nerve-wracking. Eventually, it became clear: Paul, Chris and Rich won England the first International Hauck Heat Treatment Darts Trophy.

Marcus Wendel – Executive Director of Hauck Heat Treatment Europe – handed over the Trophies to the winners and also the jersey for the MVP to Dennis from the Netherlands who showed the most constant and best performance throughout the whole tournament.
We thank everybody involved for the great evening. Most importantly our external referees, organisers and photographers from “2011 Darts” and Daniel & Juan for coordinating the event internally for the Hauck employees.