Hauck Heat Treatment Aerospace Website

26 Feb, 2018

Travelling by airplane is still the fastest and safest option to move around the world. Hauck Heat Treatment does everything it can so that it remains this way. We offer technical improvements and tailor-made heat treatment solutions. We will offer counsel throughout the development process. We operate a systematic and thorough quality assurance with rigorous documentation and traceability.

We see much potential in the aerospace industry and know about the high demands of our customers. Internally we are already structured to assure our customers that experts are talking to experts. We have also built up an in-house aerospace network spanning throughout our territories – especially the ones important for the aerospace market – to provide our customers with the finest aerospace heat treatment know-how possible.

To show to the outside what we already live on the inside, we have designed a website dedicated to the aerospace industry. We invite everybody to visit aerospace.hauckht.com and learn about our services for the aerospace market.