Hauck Birmingham working with charitable project “Style Eyes”

16 Dec, 2015

Hauck Birmingham is working with the charitable project “Style Eyes” to provide low cost spectacles for the developing world

670 million people – 10% of the World’s population lives on less than $2.50 per day and cannot afford spectacles. 200 Million people need spectacles to see. The World Health Organisation recognises that the current method of providing people with donated spectacles from a developed country needs to change.

The Style-Eyes spectacle is completely adaptable to every person globally; regardless of size, ethnicity, sex and environment. Following an eye examination, the prescription is established and the optician chooses the required lenses from their selection of lenses and the Style-Eyes spectacle is assembled. The unique lug system securely fits the lenses to the frame and allows complete universality for the face size, prescription and fit of the nose.

Our site in Birmingham uses its PVD process to produces a range of colours so that the spectacles are beautiful, durable, tarnish and scratch resistant

For further information on this exciting project please see www.style-eyes.co.uk or call our PVD expert Keith Laing on +44 (0) 7966 111458