Darts Tournament in Poland

04 Jul, 2016

The 11th of May marked the day of the big final round of Hauck Heat Treatment’s Darts Tournament. For this, the teams of Hauck Kehl and Hauck Gaildorf with Plant Managers Ralf Heck and Ingo Segler visited Poland to compete with the Polish darts players under the supervision of Poland’s Managing Director Bart Olejnik.

Before the actual tournament, both of the German teams had the opportunity to visit the Polish plant in Dzierżoniów and see first-hand how heat treatment is done in another country. After this the teams arrived at the hotel and the evening was started with a dinner organized by the Polish hosts. In an unstressed atmosphere away from the usual work, the players were able to speak and get to know each other and also the Directors of the different Hauck countries who were also in Poland this day for a Board of Directors meeting.

After the dinner it was time for the finals. First, the best team and then the best player was determined. After many exciting and close games monitored by referee and Hauck’s Executive Director Marcus Wendel it was decided:

Not only was Poland awarded the team championship but also Mateusz Morasz of the Polish team was able to claim the title: Hauck’s best dart player.

We really enjoyed this event and looking forward to similar ones in the future.