Darts Tournament in Germany and Poland

Germany / Poland
31 Mar, 2016

On the 29th of February we had the semi finals of our darts tournament with participating sites from Germany and Poland. This time it was a team competition between or plants in Remscheid, Gaildorf, Werther, Kehl, the German HQ and Dzierżoniów. The teams played by turns and each member did his best to throw as few darts as possible to finish a game of 301. All the games were broadcasted live via webcam to the other attending plants.

Eventually, in a head-to-head tournament, Kehl, Gaildorf and Dzierżoniów succeeded and made it to the finals. The tournament will be hosted in Poland on the 11th of May.

We wish the competitors the best of luck and will keep you informed which plant takes the cup home.