A career at Hauck Heat Treatment

What was once a family-run business has, over many decades and several generations, evolved into a group employing approximately 1100 people. This growth reflects the company’s combination of quality, tradition and progressiveness. And Hauck Heat Treatment is keen to promote these values. Indeed, with its modern management structures and continual further training programmes across all staff levels, Hauck Heat Treatment aims to constantly operate on the cutting edge while remembering that the company’s continued success is also highly dependent on the qualifications and personalities of its staff.

Specialists and managers

Higher Education Students

School Students

With this in mind, Hauck Heat Treatment offers the following opportunities to join the company:

For specialists and managers: direct entry (whether as a career entrant or an experienced professional).

For students: a dual degree programme in cooperation with the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) with an internationally recognised degree (Bachelor of Arts) and an integrable IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) vocational training component. You will write student research papers and dissertations and complete internships.